4 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Cornwall

Cornwall is emerging in all lists of the fanciest holiday destination. Located in the rugged southwestern end of England, it is densely populated. Hence, it has become a posh vacation spot. So,


Here are 4 places you ought to visit :

  • Camel Estuary-

The extent of River camel is up to 30 miles .i.e it starts from Bodmin Moor and flows till Celtic sea. Padstow fishing post is the highlight of this spot. Thus, it is a part of bucket list for all tourists who has an eye for fishing. The fish and chips of Padstow are a delicious treat which adds to the flavor of the sight.

  • Porthcurno-

Situated in a tiny valley, this spot leads to a beautiful beach of white sand. This place has historical relevance as it was a vital part of World War 2. Therefore, it holds more value to tourists and travelers. The famous Porthcurno Telegram Museum is a site that showcases the remains of World War 2.

  • Lands’ End-

This place is known for its scenic beauty. It is the first or the last destination depending on your direction. So, long walks and watching the sunset are few of the many ways to spend time in this spot. A sumptuous meal in one the eateries can end a beautiful day in Lands’ end.

  • Marazion-

This is a site which is famous for housing many artists and artisans. Therefore, the theme of this place is of art and craft. There are plenty of art galleries for artists to display their work. But, tourists can also avail this route to visit the National Trust Island via boat ride.

A holiday is a treat to the body and soul. So a visit to Cornwall can give you the experience of both, and you will get back to your daily life with newly gained refreshment.

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