The techniques used in data recovery

Data recovery may require advanced techniques depending on the kind of files damaged and the nature of impairment caused to the data. A number of techniques and methods are used by IT specialists to help people restore lost data.

Data recovery techniques are used by several individuals, companies and government agencies for different reasons. The techniques used in the recovery process usually result from various forms of cyber-attacks and computer forensics.

The techniques: Some common techniques used in data recovery Tampa involve:

  • Performing a complete forensic analysis of the computer system
  • Searching for a particular file type
  • Scanning for methods of attack used in encrypting the files
  • Examining all the data stored in the system’s Random Access Memory
  • Restoring the damaged disk by using an existing image
  • Inspecting the disk at the cluster level or checking the sectoral component as required
  • Analysing data using the a compatible editing format
  • Generating a hash of the entire disk
  • Exporting the data for use in another accessible tool


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At data recovery Tampa, users want to recover lost files when a malware or virus attacks their system. In the last few years, the ransomware infections that affect the system have increased manifold times, especially targeting individuals and organizations. Other than these logical errors, some are resultant of file system corruption often caused by issues in the operating system or result of deleting file accidentally. Physical damages are mostly related to failure of the hard disk, caused by mechanical defects arising within the drives itself. In such occasions, a hard disk drive repair is performed, where a physical cause prevents data access for the computer user. The second would be creation of a backup image, where experts usually create images containing copy of all data to be assessed from the infected computer. This ensures prevention of further data loss and transmission of files to a safer device. The use of software for data recovery is not unknown, where professional grade of tools are employed in restoring data swiftly and reliably.



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