Know all about the best synthetic urine

Although it can sound unrealistic, yet synthetic urine exists. The use of such urine is being used off late to pass certain drug tests and the aspect is gaining much importance today. This urine is available in smoke shops today and is creating a lot of problem for the testing laboratories. There are people who are using fake pee for drug test that actually creates problems for these tests.

Synthetic urine

There are other names given to synthetic urine, it is at times called laboratory urine or fake pee. It is actually a chemical combination that is equivalent to natural human urine both chemically and visually. At time this urine is used for passing urine tests. Any mistake in the combination can put a threat on the failure of the test. Synthetic urine reviews suggest that they can be available in the form of solutions or powders that have specific dates of expiry. Thus points to be noted include –

  • All unused kits which are out for some time should be replaced.
  • Directions for use should be followed properly.
  • There are certain solutions that need to be used within a time of eight hours and there are ones that can be used for a single time. These aspects need to be kept into consideration to confirm that the synthetic urine for drug test will yield positive results.

best synthetic urine

Substances that are checked synthetic urine for drug test

There are certain substances that need to be present in the typical synthetic urine brands, theses are as follows –

  • Metabolites named cannabis.
  • Chemicals called amphetamines.
  • Chemicals named opiates
  • Chemicals named cocaine.
  • Sometimes alcohol can also be present.

Thus all in all, synthetic urine is being used all over the world to pass certain drug tests and the mentioned parameters need to be known so that the urine passes the tests.

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