Places where you should not hide house keys

Hiding your house keys properly is very much important otherwise it can end up with wrong person. Let it be original or spare be sure that the place you are choosing is secured as well as easily accessible and not vulnerable. So be cautious while choosing the right place to hide your house keys. Also keep it at a place which you can remember. Don’t end up losing your key else you may have to seek from 24 hour locksmith gilbert AZ. Here are some of the places that are nit right to hide your house keys:

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1. Under doormats: This is the most common place where people tend to keep their house spare keys. There is not at all any security when you hide it under a doormat. Also it can be accessed by anyone as it is a much known area for key hiding. Best you can do is place a camera facing the area so that you can at least have idea who broke into your house. It’s always better not to hide it under doormat because this is the first place a burglar will look when trying to break in. Though it can be helpful if you are locked out of the house but there are other options also available.

2. Inside fake rock: Lot of people thing that hiding inside a fake rock is safe. One can easily identify which one is the fake one and get the key from inside.

3. Inside wallet: Lot of people keep inside their wallet. In case you lose your wallet it’s better to get your lock replaced by 24 hour locksmith gilbert AZ else someone can easily have access to your home.

4. Top of the doorway: It is most easily picked up place by burglars.


So try not choose an obvious place to hide your house key.

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