What is Foto op Dibond use for?

The most popular way for decorating a wall at home nowadays is Dibond thatis also called as aluminum, which gives a very special outcome to any picture you want.Dibond is a highly durable composite of aluminum material having two painted sheets of 3mm aluminum which is bonded to a solid plastic core. Anything can be printed on the dibond, any of your family photos to the favorite scenery you want. It’s most commonly used worldwide.

Any photo which is glued to dibondis you see mostly in the galleries. All the photos firstly is covered to Fuji photo paper and then been stressed on the aluminum which keeps your photo protected from any of the deformations. In this you can use the true foto op dibond. Aluminum contains of two layers with middle layer of black plastic.

foto op aluminium

You can use your photo print on one of special black and white papers of your choice and can collage it to aluminum.It’s most commonly used worldwide. It gives photo the amazing look youwant. Besides this, you will get a photo print of good quality without worrying of its print quality. These are very light plates which are made up of 3 layers. The solid material used in it helps to hang it on the wall without any problem.

Types of Foto opDibond

Aluminum which is used for any picture consists of two types such as with a brushed top layer and with a white top layer.Brushed top layer gives photo a roughaffect while, white top layer gives it a sharp and bright color.It’s very easy and cheap to do. It’s very famous withthe professionals and the photographers.You can print it in any sizeslike, light weighted,soft and stylish shining, with white backgroundand many more.Foto op dibond is a perfect gift to give your loved ones and share wonderful experiences.


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