Countering alcoholism: A 3-point action plan

Alcohol addiction is a growing menace of our times. More and more people fall prey to this every year and there is very little being done about it.

Governments of some countries have strict alcohol prohibition laws that make consumption and sale of liquor illegal. However, blanket prohibition cannot be a legitimate solution to the problem of alcoholism. Not everyone who consumes liquor suffers from addiction. How then can you infringe on peoples’ right to consume what they like as long as they don’t cause any harm to themselves or others around them?

Let’s look at some ways in which governments can do more to curb the problem of alcohol addiction, without resorting to prohibition.

  1. Awareness campaigns to highlight the evils of addiction

In the past, well-coordinated and intelligently designed awareness campaigns by governments have brought about a lot of success. A good campaign has the power to initiate a discussion – and that is what alcoholism requires. Once that happens, more sites like will come up and help further the dialogue.


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  1. Focus on correct implementation of alcohol abuse laws

Alcoholism gets by on a lot of occasions because of lax attitude of governments. Strict laws for public nuisance caused under the influence of alcohol need not only to be framed but also practically implemented. A cap needs to be put on bootleggers and other forms illegal sale of alcohol.

  1. Improve the existing infrastructure of rehabilitation centers

A big issue with alcoholism is that even after a patient is diagnosed with it, the correct treatment doesn’t take place. Governments of countries need to allocate portions of their annual budget to improving the condition of rehabs. Every effort must be made to ensure an alcohol addict once admitted doesn’t fall into the same trap after he is released.

Countering a problem as prevalent and as immense as alcoholism takes time. A 3-point action plan like this will, at the very least, set several wheels in motion. Sites like provide FAQs on alcoholism.

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