Drink and Drive Limit in Canada

It is a criminal offence to operate a motor vehicle with blood concentration level of 0.08 alcool or 0.80mg in 100ml of blood. Latest road safety monitor poll on drink and drive reveal that majority of citizens who consider impaired driving as the principal safety concern has reduced significantly because of the stiffened penalties.There are foundations who implement extensive policies and agendas to diminish the life loss and injuries on road accidents.

Legal Limits of Alcohol     

The quantity of alcohol to reach the limit varies from person to person depending on height and body weight and also between the male and female.  For instance a male and female with average Canadian height and weight when roughly consume the same amount of alcohol, it will take more quantity of drinks to hit the legal driving limit of 0.08 alcool content for the male when compared to the female. While driving a car with 0.08 % blood alcohol content level, the impairment is equal to driving on a four hour sleep deficit. Automobile accidents claim a large sum of lives every year. These numbers can be reduced significantly if the drivers embrace simple safe driving policies.

0.08 alcool

Blood alcohol concentration determination

There are ways to assess blood alcohol concentration in your blood stream. Blood alcohol concentration or BAC is typically the amount of alcohol content in your blood. They are generally determined using an instrument breathalyzer which measure the alcohol content. The prescribed limit is 0.08 alcool, driving charges can be laid if you exceed this limit. Some of the penalties and suspension programs for impaired driving are

  • Substantial Fine
  • License Cancellation temporary or sometime permanent
  • Behind the bars
  • Higher charges on automobile insurance

Summing it up

Breathalyzer is the most effective method of determining the BAC level. This largely depends on appearance and gender. So don’t drink when you are a young driver and drink smarter when you are an experienced driver.




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